Mattie Lodge

Team Captain

Mattie has assumed the FLP Flight Team captain’s position for the 2017 season after a successful previous year. He lives in the south of England and gets out flying at every opportunity possible. Is it a Hobby or an obsession for him…Who knows :)

Mattie has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the model heli trade. He is always striving to find better setups and pushes his flying to the max. Always happy to discuss anything to do with heli’s, He’s worth tapping up when you meet him.

Mattie’s model of choice is anything SAB , running VBAR FBL units and Kontronik power setups. Of course not forgetting the Optipower/Fuel as the driving force :)

Other Sponsors:-
SAB Heli Division, Optifuel/Optipower, Kontronik Drives

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Igor Mikan

Igor Mikan joins the FLP team team in 2016 for what is the start of a new section to the team. Although Igor is a keen ‘traditional’ heli pilot his speciality is Quad racing and FPV flying.

Living in Croatia he extends our flight team even further into Europe. FPV is growing fast globally and in Croatia where Igor lives is no exception. Out flying at every opportunity he is constantly pushing the boundaries of his discipline and exciting who ever goes to watch him.

A great guy with bags of enthusiasm makes him a perfect choice for the FLP flight team

Alex Hawtin

My name is Alex Hawtin and I’m 20 years old. I’ve been competing with helis for around 4 years, So far my best results/Achievements are –

UK 3D Champion (2015,2016)
3rd @ 3D Cup : World Edition
2nd & 3rd @ AIR Heli Competition
2nd @ Helifest Competition
Last 16 and Quarter Finals Pilot @ Zone Format Competition

In 2017 I’m very proud to say I will be representing Great Britain at the F3N World Championships in Poland as well competing and demonstrating at many events around the UK and Europe like Rotorlive and Helifest with the SAB and Fast Lad team!.

Being on the Fast Lad team has given me an extra boost to push harder in competitions which In my opinion has given me the competitive edge this year at events such as the UK 3D Championships where the Fast Lad team did unbelievably well!

My 2017 set-up is as follows –

2 x SAB Goblin 700 KSE (F3N Set-up)
SAB Goblin 700 Black Thunder (Smacking Set-up)

Tim Procter

Hello to all my fantastic team mates and friends in this hobby around the world.

It is now 2017 and although time has passed I have gone the whole circle regarding choice of models and once again have a fleet of SAB Goblin Helicopters with a 570, a 700KSE and a Black Nitro.

I continue to attend events around the UK circuit getting to know more pilots and doing the odd demo when possible.

Being part of the Fastlad Flight Team for the last 3 years is nothing but a pleasure and honestly couldn’t wish for a better sponsor. Chris, Jamie, Cathy and good friend team captain Mattie are like family and often go overboard whenever they can to help me, For that I am truly grateful.

Running my own business for the last 7 years takes up far more of my time than I imagined but still get out flying as often as possible improving my game.

Hope to see more faces this year at events so please come and say hello, I love meeting people and having a chat helping out when I can.

Sponsors: Fastlad Performance, Opti- Fuel / Power


Rasmus Jakobsen

My name is Rasmus Jakobsen, I’m 20 years old and from Denmark. I’ve been flying helicopters for around 6 years and been in the competition scene for the past few years. My greatest achievements during those years are:

1st Music competion, Bulls smackdown 2016 (Spain)
2nd 3D Champs international 2016 (UK)
2nd F3N DK 2016 (Denmark)
2nd Freestyle competition, Bulls Smackdown 2016 (Spain)
2nd F3N European Team Championship 2016 (Poland)
3rd 3DX Asia pacific 2016 (China)
3rd F3N DK 2014, 2015 (Denmark)
3rd senior F3N nordic 2014 (Sweden)
4th Global 3D expert 2016 (Holland)

Joining the fast-lad team in mid 2016 gave my a lot of opportunities and a huge friendly team! I’m really looking forward for 2017 with lots of good flying and new friends to meet.

My setup during this season is so far:

Gaui X7FZ – Scorpion Motor, Scorpion ESC, KST Servo, KD-Lipo and Vbar
Gaui X5 V2 – Scorpion Motor, Scorpion ESC, KST Servo, KD-Lipo and Vbar
Lynx FPV Innovation Quads as well.

James Mackenzie

James Mackenzie (J-Mac) has been competing for around Four years now, stepping onto the podium in all three classes! So a pretty good achievement

J-Mac’s first ever comp was the AIR competition, where he won the Sportsman title back in 2012, he then achieved 5th place in the UK 3D Championships Intermediates class.

1st at HeliFest UK 2014 intermediates

3rd UK 3D Championships 2015 intermediates Class

In 2016 he stepped up to Pro Class placing 3rd at HeliFest UK And then 2nd in the AIR Competition UK, with the standard of flying that’s something to be proud of!

Currently flying a pair of SAB Goblin 700 Competitions, James gets out at every opportunity to improve his flying and practise as much as possible

J-Mac’s a great guy, he’s always up for a laugh and happy to help anyone

Other Sponsors:- SAB HeliDivision, BKservo, Xnova Motors, OPTIPOWER

Jonas Schelpe

Hi, I’m Jonas Schelpe (The husband off “The Goblin girl”).
I’ve joined the Fast-lad crew a few years ago. It’s an honour for me to be a part of a crew like this! They aren’t only a bunch of enthusiastic pilots. They are a group of people that all share the same love for rc flying.

For myself I’ve been active in the rc world for a lot of years (+-15). Competing at world class events. Such as the 3d masters, world air games, ircha, OHB, las vegas funfly, rotorlive, …. And many more. Over these years I’ve been representing a couple of brands, but since a few years my wife and I are part of the SAB family. Together with Fast-lad they make it possible to go to the limit in the hobby we all love the most, with the best machines there are!
The correct machine I’m running is the Goblin 700 KSE with a scorpion motor, a castle esc and opti lipo packs. As servo’s I’m using the bk servos
For 2017 I hope to do so many more events and have a lot of flights with all my friends in the rc world.
Looking forward to see all of you at the flight line in 2017!

My other sponsors are: Sab heli division, bk servos, castle creations, scorpion motors, spektrum


Kim ‘Goblingirl’ De Weese

My name is Kim De Weese, but many know me as “the goblin girl” or the wife of Jonas Schelpe. I only fly the brand Sab Heli Division, because I love them and I think they are great machines. I’m very proud to be part of the Fast Lad team, it’s like a second family, sometimes even better and funnier!

I have been flying since 2012, but I’m not that extreme 3d pilot. I also don’t attend competition, I just love to be at events to meet people and to have a flight for fun. Events you will definitely see me at are: Rotor live, Helifest, Ircha, Helidays Enghien, Helichallenge, … most of the big events I guess. I hope 2017 will be another great year and I hope to meet you all at the field, feel free to say hi to me at any time. I might give you a hint: look for pink goblin helicopters ;-)

Other Sponsors:- SAB Heli Division

Gareth Davies

My name is Gareth Davies I am 23, damn I’m getting old haha but back to it I have been flying roughly 5-6 years and flying for fast-lad for 2 years now this will be 3rd year how time flies when your having fun. So most of you know I didn’t have a good year in 2016 due to my injuries from my accident which knocked my confidence down but looking forward to what 2017 has to bring.

My choice of model this year will be a goblin 700 black thunder which will be running my favourite choice of servos MKS and Xnova motors coupled with the Xnova motor I will be using kontronik esc and vbar neo with the vbar controller.

During 2017 I Will be attending all UK major events and will be looking forward to be flying with the team having a blast and putting a good show on so keep a look out for team fastlad this year.

Roll on first event !

James green

James ‘Big Air’ Green joined the team in 2016.

James is our resident multiple model tester! Known for his rapid turn over of model helicopters, He has pretty much built, flown and tested them all. This makes him ideal for the team having this wealth of experience.

Last year the Synergy 766 took eye, but he decided to take it for a swim into a lake. He has now moved to the new Logo 700 for 2017.

Last year James competed in Air, Helifest and Bulls Smackdown. For 2017, in addition to these events he will be competing in F3N.

Other Sponsors: Fastlad Performance, Optipower/Optifuel, Scorpion power systems.

Hamish Morley

Hamish Morley is our youngest member of the Fast Lad Performance flight team.

In 2016 I placed 1st in the AIR nightflying competition and 2nd in the 3D Champs Nightfly with my RGB LED covered heli. Also I finished 1st in the inters class at 3D Champs and 5th in inters at AIR.
Next year I am really pleased to be flying for GAUI with their new model! I plan to attend most of the big UK events and Global 3D in the Netherlands. I also have big new plans for my 2017 nightflying routine ;)

Other Sponsors: Factory Gaui Pilot

Lukas Dinger

New Team Member for 2017. Write up to come soon