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SAB Goblin 500 3-Blade upgrade review

17 March 2017 | posted by Tim Procter

After initially building and reviewing this superb little helicopter from new some time back for FastLad Performance, I got the chance a few weeks ago to upgrade the little pocket rocket with a three blade head that SAB have recently added to the growing choices you can now have with their fantastic machines.

Parts used in this review

SAB Goblin 500 3-Blade upgrade fro Fast Lad Performance

H0489-K is the part number for this upgrade and everything you need is in the box to do the change.

Total time from opening the box was about a couple of hours from start to finish. Double checked all the swash settings and pitch adjustment with my VControl and NEO so all that was left was to take some pictures and go out and fly it.

I know you can reduce the headspeed when using three blades rather than two because my current 700KSE is the very same, This thing really performs trust me. Its fair to say I’m not a fan of super high headspeeds myself so settled on 2400rpm in bank 3 to suit my style, it flew really nice. Turned the main rotor gain down a few percent and this thing is a bundle of fun.

Typical characteristics that result from having the extra blade was soon found when doing hurricanes both forwards and backwards inverted, basically just point it and let it go, almost no inputs on the sticks to execute perfect circuits and loops. Every pilot will either prefer three blades over two or can’t make their mind up. Each has their own merits but until you try it’s hard to explain. Pro’s = Less headspeed means more flight time, I was getting 5 and a half minutes using a single OptiPower 6s 5000mAh battery.

Rather on the large size for this model but weight and balance was near enough spot on after a small adjustment moving it on the battery tray to perfect it. Negative’s = No blade caddy supplied with the upgrade kit so transporting the heli can be awkward unless you are prepared to remove the blades or purchase the correct three blade caddy for the heli.

I really do recommend this heli to anyone wanting a small high performance heli to shove in the boot of your car and take anywhere with ease. 6 Lipo packs plus your radio you get a lot of fun for sure.