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SAB Goblin 420 Frame and Top Deck

24 January 2017 | posted by Alex Hawtin

This first section will be directed towards the assembly of the frames and the Top deck

As Usual with SAB kits everything is extremely well thought out and just slots together. The thing I really liked about the build on the 420 is the low parts count, meaning there’s less time building and more time playing!.

Frame Assembly parts 

Right Frame Assembled with Tail servo installed

Just a quick note, It is at this point in the build SAB recommends installing the tail servo as once you’ve put the other frame on, It becomes impossible to install.

Tail servo Mount

Skid Assembly


Frames bolted together 

ESC Installation 

With the Talon 90 space is a bit of a premium, It fits nicely but the Motor wires won’t fit out of the hole in the frames.

Completed Top Deck

Top Deck installed on Heli

I chose to install the cyclic servos before I installed the top deck just purely for convenience.

Xnova 3215 Tareq Edition Fit’s perfectly on the Motor Mount

Please be aware that the Motor shaft potentially might need shaving down to avoid the shaft interfering with the Battery, As I wasn’t using a new motor on this build It wasn’t necessary for me to do so.

Motor Installation 


BeastX Installed onto the frames