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SAB Goblin Nitro Engine Installation

25 October 2016 | posted by Mattie Lodge

So this is where we take a side step from the ‘norm’ with SAB. The introduction of a nitro engine.

Here is the components that make up the engine and clutch stack. Its not conventional this build up but is certainly unique and works extremely well.

The clutch bell and drive gear is all one part

Heavy duty and well made clutch attached to the mounting nut.

The clutch is now inserted into the clutch bell and the ‘OS’ mounting post is secured to the unit off the engine. (YS mounting post is also included with the kit aswell)

Metal fan fastened to the other side of the clutch mounting nut and its ready for installation onto the engine. Extremely neat and long lasting I reckon.

To attach the unit to the engine, use an allen driver (NO threadlock) and wind it on until its tight. The thread is such that when the engine is running it wants to tighten hence no need for threadlock. As additional security two pinch bolts are at the base of the mounting post.

I used the governor sensor mounting to read direct fan RPM. Back plate sensor can be used if preferred.

Attached to the ‘Engine assembly’ is the throttle servo which can be setup outside of the model for ease.

You will see now that the engine is ready to go how modular this unit actually is. Working on this baby in service will be a breeze :)

Here’s a photo of the engine installed in the model with the right hand frame duct removed to show the installation. Pretty neat hey :)

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