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Winter Race Quad Build

31 October 2016 | posted by Jaak Pieterse

This is a story of building something special to use during the winter season. When the grounds are all muddy, and everything is wet. In this case it needs to be durable and waterproof. Weight savings can only be done up to an extent.

To start off, FLP provided me most of the parts to get the build on the way. I was very excited to see the new X-Nova HyperX motors, and new multirotor ESC from Castle. Also to note that every single piece used, from the tools, the hardware, accesories etc., is all items from the FLP Store.

Let’s start off with the X-Nova motors. They specialize in proven high quality helicopter motors. I have many different brands on motors here to compare to in person. Emax RS, T-Motor F40 F60, RJX, Multistars, Cobra, you name it. For me up to this point only T-Motor had quality build motors. But I place X-Nova in the same class. All the other brands feels like cheap toys compared to it. The bearings are smooth, shaft appears strong, and the build quality is immaculate.

They use a retainer hex screw rather than circlips on the bottom of the shaft. Handy when cleaning motors. Also a nice thing is that give a lot of extra hardware!


Next up is the Castle ESC. The specs on paper looks promising. It has the same rotorsense as the ImmersionRC ESCs, where you spin the direction of the motor, and it configures it. It runs it’s own firmware, unfortunately no multishot support. But can take up to 6s power. Basically no need to configure it via PC before hand. PNP.

My main complain at this stage is the massive electrolytic capacitor on it. This makes it super awkward to mount on small frames. The soldering and wires are very high quality. Personally I think this is the most grounded ESC I’ve ever encountered. The conductivity was amazing. A mission to remove the original soldered wires, as the heat was so well spread across the board.



The general size of the ESC is small, apart from the big bulge. Top to bottom, Kiss 24A, FVT 30A, Castle, and Gemfan Maveric 24A.


As you can see, the ESC barely fits on the arm of the frame. I had to get creative.

I use the wrap around method when soldering my motors to ESC. I’ve read that cutting the wires short on the motor, if all three wires are not the exact length, you could introduce syncing issues. Not sure if that’s true. Also by leaving the wires longer you can reuse motors again. For me it’s worth the few gram penalty.

With the frame, and EMAX Nighthawk X5, I decided to go for a hand painted camo scheme. This was my first time doing so, and it looks pretty bad ass. too bad the ESC cover up the nice details on the arms. Ideally the stackable ESC unit need to be used here.

The last picture to compare 30AWG vs 28AWG wire on the FPV wires. 28AWG is the size to go for I’d say.

The build is put on halt until I get the ImmersionRC Tramp VTX. Then I will waterproof it once I’m happy that it flies well with the components. Stay tuned. -jaak


Part List:


MOTORS: X-Nova Hypersonic

CCD: Runcam Swift

Improved CCD connectors

FC: SPRacing F3 Evo