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Vision 50 E:- Radio install

23 October 2011 | posted by Mattie Lodge

In the manual the next step is to fit the tail boom. This section I have skipped for the time being as it’s much easier to work on the heli with no boom attached.

Ok, so I installed the radio gear but as of yet not connected the links up or setup the Beast X

First you can see I’m using the top mount for the Beast X. This is next to the motor so I’m not too sure how I will get on with this. Time will tell !

I’ve mounted the YGE ESC on a peace of foam to help protect the device.

I cut out two small parts either side of the radio tray too neaten the radio install up

3 Cyclic servo’s in the typical Vision layout. Direct link to the swash plate

Radio install was simple with plenty of room to accommodate the gear :)

Next will be the main rotor head build up