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Simstick ‘PRO’ review !!

9 December 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Thanks to the guys at Simstick I have the NEW Simstick ‘PRO’ to play with and of course share my thoughts.

So what is Simstick?

Simstick was developed a couple of years ago and addressed the need to be able to use your RC Flight Simulator wirelessly with a standard 2.4GHz radio. I’ve have one of the original units which has worked faultlessly and to be honest I wouldn’t want to sim any other way now.

What is Simstick Pro then?

Well Simstick Pro is the ‘complete solution’ to wireless simming. In the early Simstick days you were limited to which brand of radio could be operate with it (JR/Spektrum). Subsequently a Futaba version was born, but now Simstick PRO caters for practically all radio systems…..and receiver types!!

What are Simstick Pro benefits over the previous versions?

**Multiple radio brand capability .
**Multiple receiver support (Spektrum standard, Spektrum satelites, Futaba standard, Futaba SBUS, etc etc)
**Satellite bind facility

Spektrum Satellite

AR6200 direct connection

Futaba receiver connected via SBUS

AR7010 connection via the supplied adaptor loom


So how easy is it to use?

From opening the packet to flying the sim wirelessly is a fairly quick process. Obviously the first choice is what radio system you will be using. ‘Simstick‘ PRO can be purchased with or without a receiver (DSM2 compatible) and also comes with an adaptor lead which allows various receiver pin spacing configurations and like I said it can be used on pretty much any brand of 2.4GHz radio.

Once you have chosen which route to take, you will require your original sim lead, the relevant brand receiver and a PC with your RC Simulator software. In my case its Phoenix!!

I plugged the device into my laptop and fired up the sim.  Once the simulator is running the Simstick becomes powered from the USB socket on the computer.

Now you have to bind your receiver. In this instance I used a DSMX satellite and took advantage of the bind feature the PRO has on board. Once the Satellite is plugged in and powered up you press and hold the ‘hidden’ button which is just in front of the satellite connection on the unit (see picture). For DSMX you hold this down for 3-4 seconds, however with the DSM2 its only a second.

The satellite then goes into bind mode, which is where you follow the manufactures instruction and bind the two together.

**Quick note here** The transmitter has to be in Heli mode and single servo function (even if you want to fly a plank!!!)

The final step is to calibrate your transmitter in the simulator software. After my transmitter calibration two of channels were swapped around. I simply edited this in the ‘your controls’ section.

That’s it, wireless simming is ready to go. :)

Here’s a shot of my tx calibration screen

Notice how my channels aren’t as you expect them.

How about the Aesthetics of Simstick !!

Ok, so heres where I have to admit to my tidiness addiction. With Simstick as we all know you require the original sim lead, Simstick itself, receiver and I use the an additional USB extension cable. This little lot needs tiding up and there is a simple solution.

After setting up the unit and making sure it all works, I gathered up all wiring and elastic banded it together….

placed it in a spare sunglasses bag I had…..

which left me with a tidy solution to the cable wiring. Simple, neat and easy :)

Pro’s and cons of flying Flying wirelessly.

So is there any difference to flying the sim with a wire or wirelessly? The answer to this is simply no. It flies perfectly with no noticeable loss in latency, the feel is identical of that with the wire attached and of course now I can get rid of that annoying hard wired cable.

If I had one complaint it would be about wiring un-tidyness, but as shown that’s easy problem to sort with a sunglasses bag.


My original Simstick is over 2 years old now and has worked flawlessly so I’m sure I will get the same great service out of the PRO version. Personally would recommend one of these units to anyone. It’s Simple, easy to use and very tidy for the Misses !!!

Happy simming


Products Used in this review

Simstick PRO

Phoenix RC Flight Simulator

For any support or questions about Simstick go to their website

Simstick Website