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OS 105HZ – 8th tank

3 April 2012 | posted by Matt Long

With my 700N growing quite old and tired and with newer flying styles becoming more power demanding the idea of an electric heli was becoming more and more tempting, but for me personally I love the “tinkering” involved with a nitro engine (tuning etc), it’s always been a part of the hobby that I actually quite enjoy for some strange reason, also for me the noise and smoke add atmosphere to a flight massively.

So that’s where the new OS 105HZ steps in. If I’m totally honest, looking at the specs I wasn’t expecting much more power from it than a well tuned 91.

From the very first ‘start up’ I was impressed, after releasing the fuel clamp and pressing the PushGlow it instantly fired up, it’s actually amazed me how easy it is to start, even my Align starter doesn’t struggle.

So next came the boring bit….running it in (yawn), something I don’t usually do but was under strict instructions from Andy (Opti) Lever to do it properly with this one :)

After a couple of gentle hovering flights I started doing a few climb outs and flips, even then I knew this engine was going to be ACE.

Now I’m up to tank 8 and still very rich on the mixtures but the power is incredible, 14 degree pitch climb outs are nothing for this engine and tick tock’s as fast as my fingers will move and it just laughs at me :)

Below are a couple of short vids of the engine in my Rave ENV, these were filmed on my iPhone on its 7th tank with the high end at 2 1/2 turns out and the mid at 2 1/4 using Opti 30 ULV (will be dropping to Opti 20SLV soon to try it), imagine what its going to perform like when it’s tuned, will knock spots off my 91 that’s for sure.

It’s restored my faith in nitro POWER :)

Is it the weekend yet :)