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Logo Xxtreme:- Equipment used summary

8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

This post details what equipment I will be using during the build.

Also I have included the links to Fast Lad Performance website showing pricing.

Logo Xxtreme combo Kit

The kit combo comes with the Logo Xxtreme airframe. Edge 813 blades. YGE 160 ESC. Scorpion 5035-380 motor.

JR8717 servo’s for the cyclic

I have decided to use these servo’s as I had these spare. These are rated for 6v, so I’ll have to see how I get on with them. They might need swapping out at a later date.

BLS251 servo for the tail

Once again this is a spare servo I had. Like the above servo’s theyare not HV rated. Thereofore they might need swapping out in the furture.

Weston Robotics Super BEC

This BEC is capable of being powered from 14s batteries and is able to deliver 10A/15A. I’m going to be running mine off one of the 7s flight packs.

Opti-Power 7s 5300mAh Batteries

Here is where my ‘power house’ is coming from. I’ve used Opti-Power batteries now for a large amount of flights on my Logo 600. They have performed faultlessly and I can really see no other choice batteries to use :)