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Logo Xxtreme:- Head build up and fit

8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Next up is the head build.

Here’s the components of the bag.

The head comes pre-assembled, however it needs to be disassembled, cleaned and thread locked together.

Here’s the breakdown

Main blade grip.

Thrust race’s come pre greased. I found one of them had little grease on it so I cleaned and re-greased them both.

The assembled head.

The mast strangely has 2 holes in the top. When you fit the head you use the top hole.

Fitted to the mast it looks like this. The manual says to make the blade grip control rods to 30mm. I had to reduce mine to 28mm to get the zero pitch at centre. I guess this does vary depending on servo type.

The nut that secures the ‘Jesus bolt’ is a non-self locking one. So plenty of thread lock here!!!

My kit came with an extra set of ‘mush’ head bolts for the feathering shaft. This prevents them marking the blades when they are folded back as the original ones were too big.

Tail assembly next, then we are done :)