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Logo Xxtreme:- Radio install

8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Before starting the radio install I noticed the radio platform at the rear of the model had movement in it. Being thats where the Vbar sensor was to be mounted I decided to remove it and use 5 epoxy to secure it in position.


Don’t use too much glue here as you will never get it off if you ever have to change the frames!!!

With the kit you get a full size Vbar pro version with the Xxtreme pre-firmware installed onto it.

First positioning of the full size Vbar

Next job was to get the Motor and ESC installed so it could be married up to the radio.

Nice big Scorpion motor :)

YGE 160 pre programmed ESC which comes with a phase sensor lead and mounting posts.

Attach the motor to the mount then secure the pinion in the instructed position.

The ESC gets mounted on 3 plastic posts which screw into the frame.

Here’s the completed ESC and Motor install.

With the kit you get a goodie bag for the radio install. It consists everything you need to get the gear installed. You even get the velcro to secure the batteries as well as the straps.

In the Goodie bag they provide ‘snake skin’ sleeving which I used to protect the wires which run front to back. **Note here that the YGE 160 wiring comes plenty long enough to run direct to the Vbar.**

Here’s the back wring install.

I positioned the BEC just under the tail gearbox.