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Logo Xxtreme:- Main and Auto gear install

8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

This step involves fitting the Main gear, auto gear and main shaft. Then will follow  the U/C install.

First you have to remove the lower bearing block for this part. I reckon this is probably the most awkward part getting all the gears installed, shimmed then reassembled.

Main mast locking collar is pretty heavy duty :)

With this step you have to follow the instructions by adding various shims at different points. Then the main and auto gears in sequence.

Once this is complete you have to spread the two apart (see photo’s below) to install the auto gear locking pin. This is why you need to remove the lower bearing block to allow access to install the pin.

Once installed you can then locate the locking pin into the auto gear and fit the lower bearing block. This can be fiddly to !!


Next is to fit the landing gear. I believe the cross struts are the same as the Logo 600.

Nice etching on the skid pipes

Final part is to install the canopy posts and canopy guide arms.

Next section shows that I had to modify the way the canopy mounting arrangement is achieved.