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Logo Xxtreme:- Frame build

8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

First stage is the frame

The frame comes pre assembled, however as per the instructions every bolt has to be removed and thread locked into place

I found a fair amount of engineering oil on the bolts when they were removed. So I used a rag and some FE10 (brake cleaner) to clean them up before thread locking in.

Once this is completed you have to install the forward tail gearbox

The lower housing holder is removed and the belt that drives the tail is inserted. It’s then reassembled.

Once again every bolt on the forward gearbox needs to be removed, cleaned and thread locked!!!

This unit is then fed into the frame and secured.

Around where the battery battery sits between the frames there is a rubber strip which needs to be super glued in.

That completes the first step :)