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14 April 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

Check out the videos below. These are from Team Pilot Alexis Rey practising for his up and coming 2014 competitions. First one is of his Gaui X7 tearing up the skies in the awesome French weather.

Its a great watch !!

Second one is Alexis Gaui X3 rocking hard !…

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7 April 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

This has to be up there with the top 450 videos. FLP Team Pilot Dunkan Bossion shows his unbelievable skills flying the Gaui X3 in a low down smack flight. Brilliant video demonstrating what this little heli can do.

Check out the Gaui X3 at Fast Lad Performance 

Enjoy the …

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31 March 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

Team pilot Steven Gerrard has been out this weekend with his JR Vibe SG Hiroki edition. This machine coupled with Opti ‘Ultra’ Batteries is really rocking as you will see.

Steve very soon will be flying the Brand new JR Forza 700 machine soon to be available ¬†at Fast Lad …

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27 March 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

The flight team have been busy preparing over the last couple of weeks for the coming heli season. The guys have been out practising for competitions, reviewing products and getting involved in some of Fast Lad ‘stock’ product testing. Check their videos out below.

James Mackenzie kicking the Logo 600SX …

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10 March 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

Dunkan and Jonathan Bossion have earn’t themselves top success at the Rotor Live competition in Germany this weekend just gone. Dunkan came an awesome 1st place with brother Jonathan taking 2nd. Simply, these guys took heli flying too another level with the best we have ever seen them fly!!!


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20 February 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

Check out the new Rotors show that was streamed live to youtube this Monday night just gone.

The first episode of the show included our flight team pilots Lukas Riva and Mattie Lodge as guests talking about their current helicopters and new products.

Worth a watch :)…

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9 February 2014 | posted by Mattie Lodge

An insight into Spartan RC

Those of you that flew in the FLYBARED age will no doubt of heard of Spartan RC. This of course would have been because of their hugely popular heading lock tail gyro. The ‘Quark’ as it’s named was one of the most popular and widely …

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1 February 2014 | posted by Matt Long

Now that the dreaded January is done and dusted it mean’s the 2014 flying season is rapidly approaching so it was time to arrange some fresh Canopy’s. With the diabolical amount of rain that last month gave us it means flying at my field is a big “No No” due …

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12 January 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

James Mackenzie and Mattie were out this weekend at South Hants Helis flying field.

The awesome weather on Saturday couldn’t be missed, especially at the wicked flying field like South Hants Helicopters. Acres and acres of flat green fields clearly inspired the team to perform. James Mac flying the Logo …

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27 December 2013 | posted by FLP Flight Team

Team pilot Dunkan Bossion produces an excellent flight on his Gaui X3. Showing superb skills and exactly what this little ship can do. Not sure about the hat though ;)