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9 February 2014 | posted by Mattie Lodge

An insight into Spartan RC

Those of you that flew in the FLYBARED age will no doubt of heard of Spartan RC. This of course would have been because of their hugely popular heading lock tail gyro. The ‘Quark’ as it’s named was one of the most popular and widely …

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26 March 2013 | posted by Mattie Lodge

A new firmware version for the Spartan VX1 FBL unit has been released which brings plenty of great new features.

Spartan RC have been listening to their customers and have released the 1.20 update version for their Vortex VX1  FBL unit.

It boasts a host of new features which brings …

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20 February 2013 | posted by Mattie Lodge

The weather has been superb this week so it gave me the oppertunaty to get a load of flights on the NEW Spartan Vortex FBL system. As can be seen by the first part of my review I’m very impressed with the of programming and set-up of this unit. So …

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14 February 2013 | posted by Mattie Lodge

A chance to have a go with this little beauty is something I wasnt going to let pass me by !!!

So, Lets install the Spartan Vortex VX 1

This review is written in 2 parts. This 1st part is detailing the installation of the unit and the post flight …