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9 August 2016 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Check out the new Kontronik ‘Telme’ Module which is to be used with the Mikado V-Control radio system

This is such a cool add on for the Kontronik ESC’s which allow telemetry feedback directly onto the radio via the ‘TelMe’ module

Small, light weight and really easy to install. I …

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2 June 2014 | posted by FLP Flight Team

By Liam..Fast Lad Performance

So thanks to fast lads I was lucky enough to get one of the first v controllers in the UK for testing and setting up on a couple of my models and to see how it all worked.

Mikado VBar Control Radio With RX Satellite MIK4841

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14 April 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

After really getting used to the size of this model I’m starting to enjoy it a lot now.

I’m on flight 20 and have had no issues at all. After few words of advice from the Mikado guys to check certain issues, namely the torque tube take of gears and …

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18 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Something that has been bugging me since building my Xxtreme is having a set of 6v servo’s (STD JR 8717 and a BLS 251) at the controls. Really I should go High Voltage with this machine.

So enter the MKS HBL950 and the MKS HBL980

Fast Lad Links here


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16 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Xxtreme first flight thoughts !

I managed to get a 3 flights on my logo Xxtreme today. Very impressed so far with the way this heli handles. I have some tuning to do on the model before I will be totally happy with it, however so far this model seriously …

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8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

This post details what equipment I will be using during the build.

Also I have included the links to Fast Lad Performance website showing pricing.

Logo Xxtreme combo Kit

The kit combo comes with the Logo Xxtreme airframe. Edge 813 blades. YGE 160 ESC. Scorpion 5035-380 motor.

JR8717 servo’s for

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8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

First stage is the frame

The frame comes pre assembled, however as per the instructions every bolt has to be removed and thread locked into place

I found a fair amount of engineering oil on the bolts when they were removed. So I used a rag and some FE10 (brake …

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8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

This step involves fitting the Main gear, auto gear and main shaft. Then will follow  the U/C install.

First you have to remove the lower bearing block for this part. I reckon this is probably the most awkward part getting all the gears installed, shimmed then reassembled.

Main mast locking …

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8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

So, jumping the gun a bit here I decided to trial fit the canopy before I built and installed the tail section. Its easier to work with the heli like this.

First fitment atempt showed that the canopy at the rear wasn’t too good.

The back had to be forced …

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8 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Before starting the radio install I noticed the radio platform at the rear of the model had movement in it. Being thats where the Vbar sensor was to be mounted I decided to remove it and use 5 epoxy to secure it in position.


Don’t use too much glue …