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22 August 2013 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Recently I bought an Align 700 DFC electric helicopter. Its been some time since owning an Align machine and as most of you will know the Mikado Logo was firmly in the number one slot for me. So would I like this new breed of 700 size that Align have …

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17 January 2013 | posted by Ross Lawton


Synergy E7 Flybarless Main Rotor Housing – SE6/7-MRHFB


KDE Direct produces some of the highest quality components and upgrades on the market today. They initially started with performance upgrades for the Align range but are now producing upgrades for many of today’s …

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15 January 2013 | posted by FLP Flight Team

I have been fortunate to receive some of the latest upgrade products from KDE which fit the Blade 130x. Already I’m highly impressed with the quality and performance of the Blade 130x, so any opportunity to make it look nicer without hindering performance will be immediately plus for me.


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15 January 2013 | posted by Matt Long

The Align range of helicopters to this day still remain one of the top machines of choice for pilots around the globe from 1st place competition winners to your general club flyer, pound for pound they are hard to beat (remember we’re talking value for money here). However with the …