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15 December 2012 | posted by FLP Flight Team

Here’s a great video of Fast Lad Performance team pilot Mattie Lodge flying his Mikado 600 3D

In this flight Mattie is flying the Brand new Opti-Power ’50c Ultra’ batteries and as you’ll see they certainly can pack a good punch !!

[youtube_sc url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUxs5s4bfTI"]

Mattie says:- ‘I’ve been flying the …

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18 September 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

So, after living with the Trex 450 pro for years now It was time to give the airframe a new set of muscles.

Enter the DS92A digital cyclic FBL servos from MKS and the 8910A tail servo !!

These cyclic servos boost a truly excellent spec. 0.058 Secs /60 degrees …

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18 March 2012 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Something that has been bugging me since building my Xxtreme is having a set of 6v servo’s (STD JR 8717 and a BLS 251) at the controls. Really I should go High Voltage with this machine.

So enter the MKS HBL950 and the MKS HBL980

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