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17 March 2017 | posted by Tim Procter

After initially building and reviewing this superb little helicopter from new some time back for FastLad Performance, I got the chance a few weeks ago to upgrade the little pocket rocket with a three blade head that SAB have recently added to the growing choices you can now have with …

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25 January 2017 | posted by Alex Hawtin


Here is my build blog of SAB’s new Goblin 420!, A Small heli with a load of personality!.

Of course a top heli needs top equipments so below is a list of parts I’ve used in the build :-

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24 January 2017 | posted by Alex Hawtin

This first section will be directed towards the assembly of the frames and the Top deck

As Usual with SAB kits everything is extremely well thought out and just slots together. The thing I really liked about the build on the 420 is the low parts count, meaning there’s less …

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23 January 2017 | posted by Alex Hawtin

Onto the Head Build! as you’d expect with SAB the quality of the CNC parts is amazing!!

Head Parts


Complete Assembly of the Head, Sorry to any OCD Sufferers with this picture!! :P

Complete head with links attached


Nicely Machined Swashplate with links


Head Assembly fitted on

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22 January 2017 | posted by Alex Hawtin

Next up, The Tail Build!

Carrying on the with the quick assembly theme, the Tail has an extremely low parts count

Assembled Tail grips 

Tail slider installed on the Tail shaft

Completed “Gearbox” Assembly with Tail Control arm installed

Completed Boom 



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21 January 2017 | posted by Alex Hawtin

A few shots of the completed product!










And Of Course, You can’t have a build review without a bit of Video! 

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27 October 2016 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Welcome to the the latest build blog series from the Fast Lad Performance flight team featuring the SAB Goblin Nitro Helicopter.

In this review I will be taking you through a series of high quality photos and short descriptions of my build journey with this superb Nitro 650 class helicopter …

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25 October 2016 | posted by Mattie Lodge

This first section covers the frame build, and as I call it the ‘Top Deck.’ So lets get started

Simple frame parts for all Goblins

The use of the KSE landing gears is incorporated on the Nitro kit

As mentioned, the frames are ultra simple. Follow the instruction book and …

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25 October 2016 | posted by Mattie Lodge

Onto the head now.

First thing you will notice is the introduction of the ‘Matt’ black head parts. And no they didn’t name this after me :)

Standard head build up here, although the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that dimension of these parts differ slightly from the original …

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25 October 2016 | posted by Mattie Lodge

So this is where we take a side step from the ‘norm’ with SAB. The introduction of a nitro engine.

Here is the components that make up the engine and clutch stack. Its not conventional this build up but is certainly unique and works extremely well.

The clutch bell and …